Meet Attorneys Dock Blanchard And Trip Green

Attorneys Dock Blanchard and Trip Green know the challenges people face after being seriously injured in an accident. The uncertainty and stress can be overwhelming. Your health, your finances and every other aspect of your life can be devastatingly impacted by an accident. People need and deserve help that understands who they are, what they are going through and what they will need to be able to put their lives back together.

Together, we have more than 50 years of personal injury experience. We can help you secure access to the medical and financial resources that you will need as you work through your recovery. During those decades of helping people, we have honed our skills as litigators. Dock Blanchard is one of five attorneys in the state of Florida who is Board-Certified by the Florida Bar as a Civil Trial Lawyer and an Appellate Practitioner.

Our experience and trial skills can make a vital difference for you. When you work with Dock Blanchard & Trip Green, Personal Injury Trial Lawyers, we will always put your interests first and do what it takes to secure the best possible outcome for you.

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For representation that is committed to serving you when you need it most, turn to Dock Blanchard & Trip Green, Personal Injury Trial Lawyers, in Ocala, Florida. We are available for free initial consultations at 352-547-5123 or you can feel free to contact us online.