The Real Help People Need After An Accident

When you are injured, you will have very serious needs, including medical care and financial support as you work through your recovery. If you are unable to work because of your injuries, lost wages can undermine the financial strength of your household at the same time that medical bills will be accumulating. In addition to medical and financial concerns, no one wants to be a burden on their loved ones or to be unable to enjoy their lives.

All of these factors can create real anxiety and stress that can hinder your ability to focus on regaining your health. We know how challenging it can be to face such overwhelming obstacles to recover from a serious accident.

More Than 50 Years Of Combined Personal Injury Experience

Dock Blanchard & Trip Green, Personal Injury Trial Lawyers, is skilled at helping people secure the compensation that can help them get back to the lives they had before they were injured. Our extensive trial experience helps us build highly effective cases that ensure that the jury hears how your injuries have changed your life and what you need to recover your health.

We offer our help to those who have been injured in or by:

  • Boating accidents – Careless boaters, especially intoxicated boaters, can cause serious, even fatal injuries. We know how to hold reckless boaters accountable for the injuries they cause.
  • Slip-and-fall accidents – Property owners have a responsibility to provide a safe premises. If a property owner failed in this duty and you were injured, we can help.
  • Dog bites and animal attacks – Pet owners need to control their animals to ensure the safety of others. We represent people, including children, who were injured by dogs and other pets.
  • Horse and equine accidents – Stables and riding schools that fail to take proper safety measures need to be held accountable for the injuries caused in equine accidents.
  • Product liability – If you were injured by a dangerous or defective product, we can help you take action to secure the compensation you deserve.
  • Nursing home negligence – If your senior loved one was harmed in a nursing home, our attorneys can pursue legal action against the owner of the nursing home and any other responsible parties.

When accidents leave people facing serious injuries, the road to recovery is often best navigated with the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney. Dock Blanchard & Trip Green, Personal Injury Trial Lawyers, in Ocala, represents people throughout Florida. Contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We are also available by phone at 352-547-5123.