Holding Careless Boaters Accountable

Too many boaters take to the water with no or minimal experience piloting a boat. There is no license necessary to operate a boat or Jet Ski. That lack of experience and skill can create dangerous situations where people can be seriously hurt or killed. Inexperienced boaters create risks for everyone on Lake Weir, the Crystal River, the St. John's River and Daytona Beach.

Were You Injured By A Drunk Boater?

Many boating accidents are caused by intoxicated boaters who failed to realize the risk they were creating for others on the water. If you were injured by a drunk boater, that boater may be facing boating under the influence (BUI) charges that could impact the outcome of your case. We understand how criminal charges can help a personal injury case.

Jet Skis Can Cause Serious Accidents

Jet Skis behave quite differently from boats. Even experienced boaters need to take the time to learn how to operate a Jet Ski safely. Jet Ski operators have caused very serious injuries by running over swimmers, colliding with boats and launching into boats.

More Than 50 Years Of Combined Personal Injury Experience

Dock Blanchard & Trip Green, Personal Injury Trial Lawyers, provides our clients with the extensive experience and trial skill that they need to secure the full compensation they deserve. We understand boating laws and how to build strong cases when watercraft accidents occur and people are injured. Our focus on personal injury helps those injured in boating accidents by securing the compensation necessary to cover their medical bills, lost wages and other damages related to their accident.

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