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4 ways to receive deserved compensation after a car accident

Car accidents happen. When they do, people get hurt. Someone has to pay for that. To learn more about who pays and, more specifically, for what they are paying, keep reading.

When a person gets hurt, he or she may be entitled to money. But whereas many Floridians may stop at that point, the legal system goes a step further. It slices up the various harms that a person suffers into several categories. If the harm fits within one of the categories, the person can receive money for that harm. Each of these are known as types of "damages."

In a car-accident situation, a person may be able to recover four kinds of damages: medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and loss of affection (also known as loss of consortium).

Medical expenses is a c category that covers all medical costs flowing from the accident. These expenses include ambulance fees, hospital treatment, physical therapy, in-home care and any other medical bills that might arise.

Lost wages may include both wages lost from not being at work, as well as earnings lost because of diminished ability. For instance, if a person lost a day's worth of wages while going to a physical therapy session, he or she may have a claim for damages. So too if a worker earned money based on the number of items produced, and the accident slowed that rate down, then damages might be calculated based on the individual's previous income and his or her new, lower income.

Pain and suffering is a third form of damages. Under it, a person can receive money to compensate for the pain he or she went through during the accident as well as the suffering that followed it.

Finally, there is loss of affection. This lesser known form of damage is actually brought not by the person injured in the accident but rather his or her uninjured spouse (though it is often technically part of the principle lawsuit.) The point of the claim is to compensate the uninjured spouse for the injured spouse's reduced ability to be affectionate, including diminished sexual activity.

Source: FindLaw, "What Kind of Damages May I Claim for Car Accident Injuries," Accessed Nov. 8, 2016

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