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Traumatic brain injuries can result from wrecks

Car wrecks are always an inconvenience. You were a man with a plan, on the go to make it happen, when someone else's negligence caused a collision with your vehicle. Your annoyance and aggravation at the situation can place you in a dangerous predicament, however.

Unless the accident resulted in severe injuries like broken bones or unconsciousness, injured drivers and passengers may be tempted to shrug off less-noticeable symptoms such as headaches or blurry vision. But beware - those could be symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

TBIs run the spectrum from mild to catastrophic

Have you ever heard somebody say, "It's just a mild concussion," while shrugging off a head injury? Concussions are one type of traumatic brain injury, and they, too, range in severity. Across all demographic groups in the United States, auto accidents came in at number three for the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries, or 14 percent. That includes so-called "mild" concussions, but when considering all fatal TBIs from 2006 to 2010, collisions caused 26 percent of the vehicular fatalities.

Of course, not every headache is going to be a symptom of a TBI, but human brains are delicate organs despite being enclosed in sturdy, dome-like skulls. On any given day in America, 138 individuals succumb to injuries, many of which are TBIs. Even a slight jar to the head can cause problems with hearing, vision, movement or memory. A TBI from an accident may result in nausea and vomiting, affect the victim's personality and impede one's ability to learn new information.

Many of those symptoms may fade in days or weeks of the wreck, but, tragically, some effects can remain permanent and severely impact a person's ability to work and manage relationships and even care for one's most basic self-care needs.

Fallout from a TBI can devastate close relationships

Some people may experience transient or permanent amnesia after experiencing a blow to the head in a car accident. Imagine waking up and not recognizing your parents, siblings, spouse or children. Those deeply nurtured feelings of love and kinship could all be swept away as a result of the accident and injuries you suffered.

Relationships can be further splintered when a spouse who was once an equal partner in the marriage is forced into the role of caretaker for the TBI victim. Instead of sharing plans and aspirations for the future, the husband or wife of a TBI sufferer may now be relegated to assisting a loved one with feeding, dressing and even toileting activities. That doesn't leave a lot of room for romantic feelings to be rekindled after a TBI injury occurs in a wreck.

Seeking financial compensation can lessen familial burdens

To ease the stress of the entire family after one member suffers a TBI in an auto accident caused by an at-fault driver, it may be necessary to file a claim for damages or a civil suit against that driver and his or her auto insurance carrier. Doing so may result in a significant settlement being offered.

Alternatively, your personal injury attorney may take the case to trial and win a financial judgment to alleviate some of the monetary pressures families face. Settlements or judgments can be calculated to include future, ongoing costs of care for the injured person so that caregivers can be hired to meet their most basic personal needs.

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