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Who is liable after a passenger is injured on a commercial bus?

Buses are a great way to get around town and experience things you may have never seen or done before. Using them is usually a smart economic choice, especially in comparison to the cost of owning your own vehicle. However, when a person is a passenger of a bus or other commercial vehicle, you are no longer in control of the vehicle's operation. Sometimes these commercial vehicles are involved in accidents resulting in passenger injury.

If you or a loved one was injured in a commercial vehicle accident, there are usually many questions pertaining to the incident. Who could be at fault for causing the injury? Most obviously, the bus driver's decisions could have directly contributed to the accident. But a party that could potentially be held accountable for the injury is the bus company, for example, if the bus maintenance wasn't done according to safety standards.

Commercial vehicle accidents, like other motor vehicle accidents, are usually judged under a negligence standard. However, commercial car accidents can be complicated in that there can be multiple parties in play that could be held accountable. While initially overwhelming, this can be a good thing for the injured party. This is because each party could pay damages for its involvement in the injury.

Not all commercial vehicle accidents will find more than one negligent party. However, the possibility of this happening is much higher than with private motor vehicle accidents. Both the owner and operator of the transport may be a person of interest after a commercial vehicle accident injury.

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