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February 2017 Archives

Why an excellent attorney is in a personal injury case

Accidents can adversely impact a victim's health in more ways than you can imagine. Not only do you sustain a personal injury but also face high medical bills and a torturous journey towards recovery. If you are rendered incapable of working due to injuries sustained, lost wages can dent your ability to meet the financial needs of the household. Coupled with rising medical bills, your future looks bleak if not doomed already. With financial prospects in disarray, it is only a matter of time before stress and anxiety creep in and mess with psychology.

Helmet laws for motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents can be very dangerous, and proper protective equipment while driving is necessary. A helmet is one of the most important pieces of protective gear that a motorcyclist can wear. It could potentially save your life if you get into an accident. Head injuries can be fatal and helmets are designed to protect the driver from injury to the head and neck region. Some states have made specific laws to make sure all motorcyclists wear headgear for protection.

Truck accidents and their consequences

Because of the devastating injuries that a truck accident could cause, the payouts for such accidents are often extremely high for victims. Trucking companies are aware of how high these payouts could be, and they are equally aware of how significant those payouts could be to their profits, which is why the companies are always quick and efficient when it comes to legal defense. Within hours, representatives from the truck company are often on the scene.

Premises liability claims against the government

It is not uncommon to bring forward premises liability claims against the U.S. government. You are entitled to file a complaint if there is an accident or injury because of negligence from the government. Premises that belongs to the government must be safe for all citizens, and any sort of negligence that leads to injury could lead to compensation. It is the government's responsibility to make sure all public property is secure. This includes sidewalks, roads and other types of public properties.

Car accidents inside bike buffer zones

Many roads in the country do not have bike lanes or areas designated specifically for bikers, but many residents are likely very familiar with the white painted stripes on the side of the road reserved for cyclists. But exactly how these lanes work may be confusing for some, especially if you must open your door into a bike lane. Proper knowledge of bike buffer zones can prevent accidents and injuries caused by cyclists and drivers alike.

How Marion County Attorneys Help You in Truck Accident Trials

Accidents involving large trucks are usually catastrophic primarily because of the size of the vehicles and their load. Truck accidents are addressed in depth by the US Federal Law as well as Interstate Laws. Operators of such trucks or dumpster trailers transporting hazardous material, and vehicles carrying at least 15 passengers must possess a commercial driving license. In Florida, the drivers have to undergo rigorous training and evaluation before being granted the permit. Despite these measures, commercial vehicle accidents continue to ruin the lives of many innocent residents of Marion County due to the transporters' recklessness.

Yet another fatal motorcycle accident in the Sunshine State

There's nothing quite like the feeling of freedom you get riding a motorcycle in Florida's notoriously beautiful weather. Unfortunately, there's an inherent danger that goes along with that freedom. Many other drivers don't know how to react around motorcycles on the road, either because they misjudge the spacing or they are openly biased against riders. And unlike cars, which offer built-in protection from impacts, motorcyclists are completely vulnerable. That's why so many motorcycle accidents become fatal.

A Review of Florida's Auto Accidents Law

Whenever you are involved in a car accident, a number of state laws and statutes come into play. These may adversely affect the resultant lawsuit and insurance claims. Florida has distinguished itself as a no-fault state. The steps that you take following an accident determine the amount of compensation that you will be entitled to.

Florida motorcycle accident claims a life

Anyone who's ever braved Florida's highways and byways on a motorcycle knows that it can be a risky proposition. First of all, motorcycles are smaller and often aren't seen by other drivers. Even when they are seen, other motorists often misjudge how much space the motorcyclist needs to operate safely. And then there are people who are biased against motorcyclists, seeing them as reckless riders who are responsible for any collision.

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