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Behavior of millennials while driving can lead to car accidents

Floridians need to be aware of the dangers they face when they are out on the road. To that end, they are well-advised to keep track of studies that assess the various dangers that can lead to auto accidents with injuries and fatalities. One recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that the drivers who exhibited the worst behaviors on the road are millennials.

This assessment stemmed from a survey AAA conducted with 2,511 licensed drivers about texting and driving, speeding and going through red lights. They found that 88 percent of drivers who were between the ages 19 and 24 confessed to taking part in one of these activities in the previous 30 days. An executive director of AAA said that a worrisome part of this phenomenon is that these drivers believe that driving in this way is acceptable and they do not understand the dangers into which they are placing themselves and others. These drivers were two times as likely to admit to having sent a text message or email while driving as older drivers.

Almost 12 percent of drivers in this age group said they felt it was okay to go 10 miles per hour over the speed limit while in a school zone. 5 percent of other drivers said the same. Around 14 percent of drivers in this age group said they felt they could go through a red light if it had just changed when they would have been able to stop. 6 percent of other drivers said the same. This is troublesome because in 2015, the number of fatalities on the road rose to more than 35,000. That was the highest increase in five decades. These dangerous behaviors can raise the risk of auto accidents.

While this might not seem applicable to most drivers, these activities can put everyone at risk. Crashes can cause injuries that will send a driver and passengers to the hospital, make it necessary to have surgeries and rehabilitation, leave them unable to work as well as with a whole host of problems that can last for an extended period. If there is a fatality, the family will have to learn to live without a loved one. Knowing how and why an accident happened is one of the most important factors in seeking compensation. Considering discussing the matter with an attorney experienced in car accidents may be the first step to getting help.

Source:, "Millennials are 'worst behaved drivers' on the road, AAA study says," Shayla Reaves, Feb. 15, 2017

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