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How Marion County Attorneys Help You in Truck Accident Trials

Accidents involving large trucks are usually catastrophic primarily because of the size of the vehicles and their load. Truck accidents are addressed in depth by the US Federal Law as well as Interstate Laws. Operators of such trucks or dumpster trailers transporting hazardous material, and vehicles carrying at least 15 passengers must possess a commercial driving license. In Florida, the drivers have to undergo rigorous training and evaluation before being granted the permit. Despite these measures, commercial vehicle accidents continue to ruin the lives of many innocent residents of Marion County due to the transporters' recklessness.

Most truck drivers earn their wages on a per-mile basis. As a result, the drivers feel motivated to stay on the roads for extended durations to maximize their income. This tendency to overwork causes driver fatigue, a leading cause of truck accidents. Some drivers turn to substance abuse in order to have the stamina to withstand. These habits at times make the driver rather negligent causing some of the worst automobile crashes. Other common causes of auto accidents include:

  • Violation of speed limits and other heavy vehicle traffic regulations
  • Improper maintenance of the truck
  • Load shifting due to improper loading
  • Blind spots due to vehicle size and mirror positioning
  • Poor visibility due to weather conditions

Even though some of the reasons sound genuine, they can all be avoided or controlled. A commercial vehicle accident can claim your life or leave you with fatal injuries, turning your life upside down. There is no amount of explanation which could justify the pain and suffering would experience if such a disaster happened to you. When a truck accident occurs to you or your loved one, call an experienced Marion County commercial vehicle accident lawyer immediately. Truck accident laws are more complicated than normal car crash laws, and the trucking company's insurance carrier will be armed with lawyers to curtail the extent of your claims.

Work with an attorney who has had ample experience in truck accident claims and lawsuits. The attorney will collect the necessary information for a compelling argument to support your filing for compensation. An attorney with knowledge of insurance and trucking regulations will be able to maneuver around confusing laws and Interstate issues and will counter the arguments posed by the defendants. After carefully strategizing the litigation process, the attorney will enable you to get compensation for medical expenses, pain experienced, lost wages, and emotional distress.

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