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Tow truck crashes into SUV, killing man, his wife and son

While most drivers in Ocala adhere to the rules of the road and make certain they are operating their vehicles safely, accidents still happen. This can be due to a multitude of factors, from drivers operating their vehicles under the influence, driving recklessly, being negligent, driving while distracted and more. In some instances, car accidents are simply a matter of circumstance. Regardless of how and why it happened, auto accidents can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. It is important that accident investigations take place to assess the situation and help those affected to consider a legal filing.

A man who ran for congress in 2016 and was defeated, died in a car accident that also took the lives of his wife and a son. It happened when a tow truck went out of control and hit the man's SUV. The 61-year-old driver, his 56-year-old wife, and 31-year-old son all died. Law enforcement stated that the SUV was heading east in the mid-evening, at around 6 p.m. when the accident occurred. The 31-year-old tow truck driver was heading west when he drove off the road and onto the shoulder of the roadway. He then went back onto the road and hit the SUV in the other lane. The tow truck driver was reported to have been seriously injured. The investigation states that the road was wet and there were concerns about the weather, but it is not known if that was a factor in the crash.

When there is a fatal accident, it is imperative that the family left behind understands what they are facing. There will be funeral costs and there will be extensive life changes as a result of the untimely death. It can be a turbulent emotional, financial and personal time that might lead to a mistake when determining whether there is a viable case for a wrongful death lawsuit or not. Insurance companies will frequently try to offer a settlement to try and avoid costly litigation. In their grief, those who have lost loved ones in auto crashes will sometimes accept this offer without realizing that it is nowhere near sufficient to compensate them.

In this accident, law enforcement has stated that the tow truck ran off the road and crashed into an SUV that was on the other side, killing three people. The investigation is ongoing, but the remaining family members of the people who died need to protect themselves by having an investigation conducted with their interests in mind. For that, an experienced accident lawyer can be helpful in gathering evidence and pursuing a legal case.

Source:, "Bill McCullough, family members killed in Ocala crash," Patricio G. Balona, Jan. 23, 2017

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