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Concussions and herniated discs can change you after a crash

It was the late afternoon when you decided to take your kids to get some ice cream down the street. Everyone piled into the car, and you headed down residential roads to get to the ice cream shop. As you made the final turn onto the shop's busy street, a driver coming up behind you didn't notice that you were still waiting to make a turn.

You catch a glimpse in your mirror before the incident and brace yourself. On impact, your kids are thrown forward, caught by their safety belts. Your head hits the window and airbag. Everything stops, and you try to assess the situation. You think you're fine, and your kids are conscious.

As you try to get out of the vehicle you realize that your back is in a lot of pain. Your neck is sore and your chest hurts. You assume you have whiplash, and you wait for the emergency team to arrive. When they get there, you're rushed to the hospital. There, you find out you have a serious concussion, a herniated disc in your neck putting pressure on your nerves and other injuries. Fortunately, your child suffered only minor injuries.

After an accident like this one, it's important that you receive the care you need. The accident was not your fault, and your attorney can help you by stepping in to start a claim. You'll be focused on your medical care and health, taking care of your children after this trauma and recovering. Your attorney can take the lead and do the heavy lifting for you.

Injuries like concussions and herniated discs have lasting implications in your life. A herniated disc may cause weakness, pain or paralysis in some cases. Concussions can cause memory less, difficulty completing tasks and other symptoms. While some concussions fully resolve, not all do. You may need therapy to help you work through some of the symptoms, and you may not be able to go back to your old job depending on the damage that has been done.

Everyone's situation is different, and your attorney can help you understand what to expect when you file a claim. The insurance company may try to settle, but you have the right to pursue a fair amount of compensation for the injuries you've suffered.

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