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June 2017 Archives

Families of fatal accident victims may file wrongful death claims

Motor vehicle accidents can take place under a variety of circumstances, but the result is often the same. Countless wrongful death claims have been filed by grieving families who lost a loved one on account of another driver's negligent actions. A recent accident in Florida claimed the life of a 49-year-old man after another vehicle reportedly ran through a stop sign.

Florida motorcycle accidents may lead to fatalities

Motor vehicle collisions can easily occur when drivers fail to obey traffic laws. Speeding is a common cause of crashes and can result in serious injuries. This is particularly true regarding motorcycle accidents. A Florida motorcyclist was recently killed in a collision after being hit by a car on June 9.

Florida car accidents: 2 injured, 1 dead in recent crash

There can be any number of factors that could lead to motor vehicle crashes on the road. As cautious as Florida drivers may be, collisions can still happen. When car accidents occur, those involved could suffer serious injuries in addition to having to deal with potential property damage. One woman died and another was severely injured in a recent highway accident. The driver believed responsible for the accident was hurt as well.

Auto accidents can be deadly for pedestrians

Added caution is required whenever drivers are traveling through areas with a heavy pedestrian presence. When motorists fail to remain aware of their surroundings in these areas, auto accidents leading to serious injuries are more likely to occur. The family of a pedestrian struck and killed in Florida may consider securing legal counsel in the aftermath of this recent tragedy.

Personal injury claims could aid those injured in car accidents

Driving while intoxicated can lead to serious accidents. In turn, this can result in severe injuries for those involved. Knowing that these injuries could have been easily avoided if the responsible driver stayed off the roadways makes these collisions even more devastating. Two Florida police officers may have grounds to file personal injury claims after they were injured in a recent accident believed to be caused by intoxication.

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