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What could cause a commercial vehicle accident?

Accidents are, by their very nature, unpredictable. In most cases, if a person sees an accident coming in time, he or she avoids it, and it never occurs. Unfortunately, in many cases on Florida roads, there is not enough time to avoid the accident, and these crashes can lead to serious consequences, especially when one of the vehicles involved is a tractor-trailer or semi-truck. As we have previously mentioned, commercial vehicles crisscross the state on a daily basis, doing a much-needed service that aids the economy. However, the presence of these vehicles can be a danger to other drivers, especially if certain circumstances apply.

Truck drivers have a difficult job, and a lot of pressure to get their loads to their destinations on-time and under-budget. If this means pushing for those few extra miles, or foregoing a few hours' sleep, many drivers will make that sacrifice. Unfortunately, these types of actions are a risk, not just for the truck driver, but for other innocent travelers who may be affected if the commercial driver falls asleep at the wheel or is otherwise less attentive than he should be. Or, perhaps a trucker decides to 'take the edge off' with a couple beers before finishing a leg of his route, thereby also putting other drivers in danger.

Though the Florida and federal governments have regulations to curtail this kind of behavior, such as random drug testing and hours of operation and rest rules, not every driver or trucking company are in compliance. Some may find it is more lucrative to just pay the fines if caught, rather than forego the higher profits they may get by bending the rules. This could apply to maintenance issues and over-weight loads as well, which also have the capacity to cause terrible consequences. When a Floridian is injured in a commercial vehicle accident, he or she likely faces a long hard road. Loss of income from inability to work, medical expenses and rehabilitation are just some of the damage that may be wrought by such incidents. When these injuries are caused by a driver or truck company's negligence, the injured party may have a claim for compensation.

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