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November 2017 Archives

Car accidents: Young couple and unborn child killed in collision

When most Florida couples announce their engagement to family and friends, they have hopes and dreams for a long future together. Unfortunately for one couple, their bright future came to a quick end after one of Florida's recent fatal car accidents. It is a tragedy no one saw coming, including the couple.

The devastation of a spinal cord injury is real for victims

You never saw the truck coming, and seconds later, you found yourself in a vehicle coming to rest on the wrong side of the road. Thankful that you were alive, you tried to get up out of your seat. That's when you realized you couldn't feel anything from your waist down.

Premises liability: Woman injured on ride at Disneyland

Health care in the Florida and throughout the United States is expensive. When accidents occur, a victim can be subject to numerous medical expenses that can result in financial stress. One woman in another state experienced a mouth injury after a ride malfunction at Disney World's sister park, Disneyland. She has filed a personal injury and premises liability lawsuit against Disneyland for alleged negligence.

Car accidents: Tragic accident injures 6 and kills young girl

Many Florida motorists have experienced the fear of realizing that another vehicle is attempting to move into their path potentially resulting in a crash. While many motorists are able to avoid collisions by honking their horn or quickly moving out the way of the other vehicle, serious car accidents cannot always be avoided. Recently, six people were injured after an accident resulted from a woman attempting to avoid a collision.

Commercial vehicle accidents: Collison with semi ends in tragedy

Motor vehicle accidents occur in Florida on a daily basis and some involve large tractor-trailers. In the moments traveling near a tractor-trailer, it is often easy to understand how much commercial vehicle accidents can impact a smaller vehicle. Many collisions with the larger vehicles can result in significant property damage, serious injuries and/or death. Recently, a collision involving a tractor-trailer and a smaller sedan on Florida's turnpike ended tragically.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against driver, company and Disney

Most would think that driving violations, fatigue, medical conditions and medications that would cause sleepiness would prevent someone from driving professionally. One tragic wreck in Florida is revealing that unfit drivers may remain on the road behind the wheel despite safety concerns of a driver. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against a driver, his employer and the company, Disney, that ordered the oil he was hauling for their combined involvement in the summer accident.

Motorcycle accidents: 4 fatalities during Biketoberfest

Biketoberfest has increased the number of motorcyclists in Florida this month. For many, it has been a time to enjoy and bond with other bike-riding enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the festival has not been without tragedy as four fatal motorcycle accidents have occurred.

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