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December 2017 Archives

Mother files premises liability lawsuit against son's school

Florida has a plethora of attractions and locations that many in-state residents and people from all over the world desire to visit year round. Due to the large crowds, owners of any establishments open to the public must be vigilant to maintain a safe environment at all times to protect those who enter. Obvious neglect can result in a premises liability lawsuit. One mother in another state has accused the public school system of similar neglect, following the injury of her son on its premises.

A mild brain injury is still very serious for a young driver

Many young drivers may experience a car accident and breathe a sigh of relief afterwards, believing that they got very lucky and did not suffer any injuries. While it is certainly worth taking time to be grateful for the injuries one does not receive, too many young drivers choose to skip important medical screening after an accident and do not realize they suffered more serious injuries than they realize.

Commercial vehicle accidents: Students injured in bus crash

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are a daily occurrence on Florida roadways. Some may include commercial vehicle accidents, which can often result in significant property damage and serious injury of anyone involved. Many people were horrified to learn that a Florida school bus with multiple students onboard was recently struck by a semitruck.

Family awarded $12 million in wrongful death lawsuit

Last year a Florida mother was informed of the horrific news that her daughter had been brutally murdered. Once the circumstances became clear to investigators and family members, the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hotel property where the murder occurred. The jury that heard the case agreed with the family that the hotel could have done more to prevent the woman's death and awarded the family $12 million.

Personal injury: Woman sues officers for brutality

Most people would attest to being nervous and overwhelmed on the first day of work on a new job. A Florida woman's first day was more than just overwhelming. She ended up being arrested and beaten as others stood by and watched. She has recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the police officers involved, her brief employer and the supervising sheriff.

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