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A mild brain injury is still very serious for a young driver

Many young drivers may experience a car accident and breathe a sigh of relief afterwards, believing that they got very lucky and did not suffer any injuries. While it is certainly worth taking time to be grateful for the injuries one does not receive, too many young drivers choose to skip important medical screening after an accident and do not realize they suffered more serious injuries than they realize.

This particularly true when it comes to mild brain injuries, which car accident victims often suffer but may not recognize. Mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can cause enormous difficulty for victims, especially if they do not receive proper diagnosis and care after the accident.

If you believe that you received a mild TBI in a car accident, or if you experienced a car accident and have not received professional medical care since, make it a priority to seek out medical treatment. If you choose to pass over this important opportunity, it may cost you your education, your job or even your closest relationships.

Symptoms of a mild TBI

Mild TBIs can affect a brain in many ways, and may include symptoms that change a person's mental abilities or even some personality traits. This is not because a victim is weak or stupid, but because he or she suffered from very real physical harm to the brain, the organ that controls literally every part of the body as well the things that make us recognizable as people.

Sometimes a mild TBI presents physical symptoms like ongoing headaches or even seizures. While these are alarming symptoms, they also indicate clearly that something is injured and needs healing. Victims who do not suffer these symptoms may face others that are equally devastating over time, but much less obvious.

Often, mild TBI victims cannot complete simple tasks that they handled easily before the accident, or may feel as though all of their thoughts are "foggy." Victims may also experience severe mood swings or may find that simple frustrations cause outbursts of anger that they truly cannot control.

This behavior is unfortunately associated with personal immaturity for many people, so when a young driver suffers this injury, he or she may find that employers or family members simply tell them to grow up or get their act together.

Mild TBIs may also cause victims to regularly misinterpret words when someone speaks to them or when they read. Without professional diagnosis and treatment, these symptoms can persist for months, even up to a year. For a young driver in school or beginning a career, one year of these disruptive symptoms may alter the trajectory of one's studies or employment beyond repair, changing the course of the victim's entire life.

Get help as soon as you can

If you believe that you suffered a mild TBI, do not wait to seek out professional medical care. Once your injury receives a diagnosis, you can consult with an attorney to make sure you know how to defend your rights in the workplace and understand how to pursue a personal injury claim if someone else is responsible for your injury.

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