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Florida auto accidents often deadly when alcohol is involved

Just about any roadway collision can cause injuries. Auto accidents caused by drinking and driving are often even more serious and can easily result in fatalities. Three Florida residents were recently killed in one such crash.

Auto accidents involving speeding can lead to fatalities

For many Florida drivers, driving over the speed limit may not seem like a big deal. Drivers may find themselves late for work or an appointment and try to get to their destinations as quickly as possible. However, many serious auto accidents result from speeding. A man and his grandson were both recently killed by a driver believed to be speeding.

Auto accidents can be deadly for pedestrians

Added caution is required whenever drivers are traveling through areas with a heavy pedestrian presence. When motorists fail to remain aware of their surroundings in these areas, auto accidents leading to serious injuries are more likely to occur. The family of a pedestrian struck and killed in Florida may consider securing legal counsel in the aftermath of this recent tragedy.

Florida auto accidents: Man killed in multi-car collision

When multiple vehicles are involved in a collision, the results are rarely positive. This is especially true when larger vehicles are present in auto accidents. A Florida man recently died in an accident with multiple vehicles, including an RV. 

Florida auto accidents can be deadly

Even when Florida drivers are cautious, they cannot always account for the actions of other drivers. Traffic laws are in place to keep everyone safe, but some drivers fail to follow these rules and cause serious auto accidents. A young woman lost her life in a recent accident in which another driver allegedly broke the law.

Auto accidents in Florida often result in fatalities

There are many factors that can lead to roadway collisions in Florida. Though many drivers carefully follow the rules of the road, mistakes can still happen that result in the frequent occurrence of auto accidents. One recent accident that caused the death of two people and injured several others is still under investigation.

Negligent drivers often cause auto accidents in Florida

There are many reasons a driver might be considered negligent in the aftermath of a crash. Drinking and driving, texting while driving or even failure to remain aware of surroundings can all lead to auto accidents. Police reports indicate that the third example is the likely cause of a recent Florida accident that led to one fatality.

A Review of Florida's Auto Accidents Law

Whenever you are involved in a car accident, a number of state laws and statutes come into play. These may adversely affect the resultant lawsuit and insurance claims. Florida has distinguished itself as a no-fault state. The steps that you take following an accident determine the amount of compensation that you will be entitled to.

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