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Commercial vehicle accidents: Students injured in bus crash

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are a daily occurrence on Florida roadways. Some may include commercial vehicle accidents, which can often result in significant property damage and serious injury of anyone involved. Many people were horrified to learn that a Florida school bus with multiple students onboard was recently struck by a semitruck.

Commercial vehicle accidents: Collison with semi ends in tragedy

Motor vehicle accidents occur in Florida on a daily basis and some involve large tractor-trailers. In the moments traveling near a tractor-trailer, it is often easy to understand how much commercial vehicle accidents can impact a smaller vehicle. Many collisions with the larger vehicles can result in significant property damage, serious injuries and/or death. Recently, a collision involving a tractor-trailer and a smaller sedan on Florida's turnpike ended tragically.

Commercial vehicle accidents: Pile up ends in death and injuries

The state of Florida has had its fair share of recent tragedies. Hurricane Irma swept throughout the state with damaging and fatal winds. Days prior to the hurricane, a series of commercial vehicle accidents and personal vehicles resulted one fatality and multiple injuries.

Commercial vehicle accidents are often deadly

It is common knowledge that collisions between cars can cause serious injuries and property damage. Commercial vehicle accidents may be even worse, however, due to the larger size of the vehicles involved. One person was killed and several others were injured in a recent crash involving a recreational vehicle and a tractor-trailer in Florida.

Florida commercial vehicle accidents often result in fatalities

Car wrecks can result not only in serious property damage, but also severe injuries. This can be devastating for those involved as well as for their families. Commercial vehicle accidents are often worse due to their size and the force behind the vehicles. One Florida family is mourning the loss of a loved one after she was killed in an accident involving two tractor-trailers.

Truck accidents and their consequences

Because of the devastating injuries that a truck accident could cause, the payouts for such accidents are often extremely high for victims. Trucking companies are aware of how high these payouts could be, and they are equally aware of how significant those payouts could be to their profits, which is why the companies are always quick and efficient when it comes to legal defense. Within hours, representatives from the truck company are often on the scene.

How Marion County Attorneys Help You in Truck Accident Trials

Accidents involving large trucks are usually catastrophic primarily because of the size of the vehicles and their load. Truck accidents are addressed in depth by the US Federal Law as well as Interstate Laws. Operators of such trucks or dumpster trailers transporting hazardous material, and vehicles carrying at least 15 passengers must possess a commercial driving license. In Florida, the drivers have to undergo rigorous training and evaluation before being granted the permit. Despite these measures, commercial vehicle accidents continue to ruin the lives of many innocent residents of Marion County due to the transporters' recklessness.

Traumatic brain injuries can result from wrecks

Car wrecks are always an inconvenience. You were a man with a plan, on the go to make it happen, when someone else's negligence caused a collision with your vehicle. Your annoyance and aggravation at the situation can place you in a dangerous predicament, however.

Regulations aim to keep truckers from driving while fatigued

Fatigued truck drivers in Ocala will often go to many lengths to keep driving. After all, the more hours they are on the road, the more money they will make. However, a large, fully-loaded truck can weigh tens of thousands of pounds, meaning a crash involving a semi-truck can cause significant damage, and could seriously injure or kill other drivers or passengers. For this reason, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has regulations regarding how long a trucker can be on the road before being required to take a rest break.

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