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Premises Liability Archives

Mother files premises liability lawsuit against son's school

Florida has a plethora of attractions and locations that many in-state residents and people from all over the world desire to visit year round. Due to the large crowds, owners of any establishments open to the public must be vigilant to maintain a safe environment at all times to protect those who enter. Obvious neglect can result in a premises liability lawsuit. One mother in another state has accused the public school system of similar neglect, following the injury of her son on its premises.

Premises liability: Woman injured on ride at Disneyland

Health care in the Florida and throughout the United States is expensive. When accidents occur, a victim can be subject to numerous medical expenses that can result in financial stress. One woman in another state experienced a mouth injury after a ride malfunction at Disney World's sister park, Disneyland. She has filed a personal injury and premises liability lawsuit against Disneyland for alleged negligence.

Wife files premises liability suit re husband's stadium beating

Anytime large crowds gather in stadiums, concert venues, parks or other places in Florida, there is a risk of attendees being harmed if a crowd gets out of control. Places often protect attendees of events by providing security, adequate lighting and other means of crowd control. Sadly, one man in another state was tragically injured leaving a baseball game with 20,000 other fans. His wife has filed a premises liability lawsuit against the stadium where the accident occurred and her husband's attackers.

Premises liability: Woman falls and suffers back injury

All Florida residents are responsible for ensuring their own personal safety. Unfortunately, there are instances that the negligence of another can result in harm to a person, no matter how careful one may be. Negligence of another could be minor, but sometimes it may result in serious long-term injury and ongoing medical treatment. One woman in another state has claimed in a premises liability lawsuit that a liquor store's negligence is the result of her injury and chronic pain.

Premises liability claims against the government

It is not uncommon to bring forward premises liability claims against the U.S. government. You are entitled to file a complaint if there is an accident or injury because of negligence from the government. Premises that belongs to the government must be safe for all citizens, and any sort of negligence that leads to injury could lead to compensation. It is the government's responsibility to make sure all public property is secure. This includes sidewalks, roads and other types of public properties.

Elements that must be proven in a slip-and-fall claim

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that a slip-and-fall accident is little more than the result of a person's clumsiness, or that any injuries suffered would be considered minor. However, the fact is that slipping or tripping accidents have the potential to cause severe injuries. A person could break bones, hit his or her head, or even suffer spinal cord injuries in a serious fall.

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